Sunday, December 5, 2010

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen

"A father and his four children--a toddler, a preschool boy and two older girls--go on the traditional bear hunt based on the old camp chant. The family skids down a grassy slope, swishes across a river, sludges through mud and, of course, finally sees the bear, who chases them all back to their home. It's a fantastic journey--was it real or imagined?--with the family's actions (and interaction) adding to the trip a good-natured, jolly mood." ~ Publishers Weekly

Aubrey did the lapbook lessons from Homeschool Share.
She also did a color page, letter writing, and word search from First-School and mazes from ??.

For their lesson-related snack, the girls made some sticky, chocolate "mud."

For our field trip, we went to one of our favorite places - Bear Hollow.  On our way to see the bears, we stopped by to see the owl and deer,

turkey that we like to follow,

and the beautiful eagle (Mommy's favorite).
Time to find the bears.....
"Shhhhh....tip-toe, tip-toe...." It's time to go find the bears.
We found them!