Saturday, February 26, 2011

"If Jesus Came to My House" by Joan Gale Thomas

"If Jesus came to your house, would he be your age and height? How would you treat him? Would you give him your nicest toys and let him have the longest turn on your rocking horse? In this simple, touching story, a young boy realizes that he can treat others according to the lessons he would learn if Jesus really did come to his house." ~ Amazon product description

The little boy in the story proposes that he would build a castle for the young "King" (Jesus).  Aubrey built a castle out of Mega Blocks for him.

We focused on the letter "J" for this story.  Aubrey sorted jelly beans by color and counted them, then glued them onto a large "J."

Aubrey learned about hospitality and then invited her friend, MacKenzie, over for a playdate.  Since the little boy in the story wonders if Jesus would be as tall as he is, Aubrey and MacKenzie stood side-by-side to determine who was taller.
They made sugar cookies together shaped like a little boy.

They had apples at snack time just like in the story then iced their cookies with chocolate to look like the little boy's shadow.

Addison enjoyed her cookie, too.

Aubrey showed her hospitality by letting MacKenzie choose what they would play.  MacKenzie wanted to fly a kite.

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