Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Prayer for a Child" by Rachel Field

"The whole book is narrated by a little girl, but it represents children as a whole. It reflects their love of God, and their gentleness to humankind as a whole."  ~ Wikipedia

Homeschool Share suggested counting buttons on the little girls shirt.  We took it a step further by doing some button lacing and sorting.

To represent prayers for all of the children of the world, I folded some paper, drew an outline of a girl, and had Aubrey cut the silhouette.  She was quite surprised when I had her open up the paper to reveal little girls holding hands.

Each morning, we had milk and bread for breakfast just like the little girl in the story.

 Go-along books we read were:
- Wake Up, World which describes through pictures and text the typical day-in-the-life of children from around the world.
- The Moon Shines Down which takes a rhyming trip around the world to shine down on children in other countries.
We observed the half (or quarter) moon through Papa Nash's telescope.  I took this picture with my Nikon P100 bridge camera.

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