Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Jenny's Surprise Summer" by Eugenie

"Although she loves both of her foundling kittens, Jenny must decide which one she will take to the city apartment when her beach vacation comes to an end." ~ Amazon product description

This was the perfect final book for us to "row' (a Before Five in a Row term) before taking a break for the summer.  Aubrey worked on her ocean-themed writing and word search from First-School, and did "counting cats" plus other lapbook lessons from Homeschool Share.

The girls had fun tossing things into the bathtub to determine which items would sink or float.

Addison worked on stacking alphabet blocks while Aubrey did her online phonics program (Starfall) and jigsaw puzzle from First-School.

For our last field trip for the year, we went to the pet store to play with some cats like in our story.

We played with many of the other animals, too.

I LOVE Addison's expression as the puppies are licking her toes.

Go-along books:
  • The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn
  • Kittens

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