Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Play With Me" by Marie Hall Ets

"A little girl goes to the meadow to play, but each animal she tries to catch runs away from her--until she sits still by the pond, and they all come back." ~ Amazon product description
We read several go-along books about pond life, fish, and turtles. 

We also watched several videos on YouTube:
The girls colored a frog and ate Goldfish at snack time.

Aubrey worked on her writing and word search from First-School then sang and did the hand motions for Barney's song "The Green Grass All Around" from YouTube. We also sang, "God Made Me and All of You," "This is My Father's World," and "For the Beauty of the Earth."
Aubrey did an on-line jigsaw puzzle of a bird from the Kidz Page and "painted" an on-line picture of a frog on Kidsone.

Addison and Mommy played pond-themed games of Fishin' Around and Lucky Ducks.
Then the girls played Hullabaloo - a game of animals, letters, colors, and shapes.
We searched for some of the animals found in the story.  First, we observed a bird at the bird-feeder....
.....and caught a frog.

We felt the morning dew on the grass, then quietly walked and listened to the sounds of our neighborhood.

The first thing we heard was a chirping bird.

 Aubrey noticed the fog lifting off of the lake across the street;

Aubrey discovered a worm that had crawled out of the grass just like what was described in one of our go-along books

We heard the "vroooomm of two trucks driving by.

We heard a banging sound but could not see what it was.  So we began walking the neighborhood to find the sound.  One street over, workers were putting on a new roof.  It took a few minutes to identify the motor used for lifting the shingles to the workers.

"bang, bang, bang, bang...."

 "Hummmmmmm" was coming from the electircal box;

Of course anytime we go outside, Aubrey has to find some flowers.  She loved the smell of the gardenias and blew the seeds of a brittle dandelion.

At the end of the week, we took a combination field trip to the pet store to see kittens for our last book (see post for "Jenny's Surprise Summer) and see birds, turtles, frogs, and other animals in "Play With Me."
Addison was the first one to find the fish.

The girls liked looking at the snakes....but Mommy didn't.

Mommy liked the cute little frogs, though.


Other go-along books:
  • My Big Book of Outdoors by Eloise Wilkin
  • Benjamin in the Woods by Eleanor Clymer

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